Data Management simplified !

  • Web-app that allows GUI based data browsing/data manipulation
  • Single Screen dynamic view for all eligible tables
  • Provides options to view, edit and delete any records for any table
  • Preserve integrity contraints and sequence/auto-generated columns
  • Provides data export functionality

Amazing Features

Why WebDMT ?

Enterprise Data is company data that is used within applications and databases. It can be reference or application data. Reference data is a special subset of master data that's used for classification throughout your entire organization:Like postal codes, cost centers, financial hierarchies or countries. Application data on the other hand is business related data like customer, vendors, employees, etc.

The purpose of WebDMT is to build an easy way for business users to manage enterprise wide data. All the current solutions in market are specific to particular system or requires many configurations to do before it could be used. WebDMT is dynamic in the sense that it could be connected to any database with any configuration, reads the metadata and works accordingly. In addition, we also have provided many extra features specific to client which can be included with very little configuration such as meta-data handling, sequence, identity population, auto-suggestion for columns, along with code, insert box shows the description related to that code to actually help enable user know what that code means.

  • Best tool to manage real time enterprise data
  • Simple and user friendly user interface
  • Low cost as compared any heavy backend database tool
  • No requirement of technical personal
  • This can be used to manage small to medium size application/reference tables

App Screenshots